DRM Removal Video: Eliminate DRM from your files

DRM Removal Video is a shareware application that will let you remove the protection from your multimedia files legally so that you can enjoy them anywhere you want and on any device.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very simple and should not cause any confusion. However, it might take a few minutes to complete depending on your system. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.4-10.6


The first window that will pop up when you start the application will inform you about the trial version’s limitations, namely a three minute limit for videos and one minute and a half for audio files. The purpose of the trial is to see if the application suits your needs.

Moving on from that and onto the main interface you can immediately see the elegant design. In the left hand you have the main features on the application and on the left you have all the various settings and controls. The two main features of the program are the file conversion mode that will remove DRM from your files and the “Surf and Catch Video” mode. The latter will automatically capture and download any videos you watch while browsing the web when you enable it. Simply click on the On button and the feature will automatically start. Any videos you download will then be listed in that window and you will be able to edit, configure and delete them as you please.

Converting a file is very easy. Simply drag and drop the files you want in the appropriate box and the conversion process will start immediately. You can easily change the conversion mode by choosing one of the many available options from the drop-down menu and even set a custom one of your own. In MP3 files you can also view the ID3 tags and they will not be lost during the conversion. The final option that you have is to shut down your computer after the conversion process is done so you can queue multiple items on the list and leave it running.

Other utilities that the application offers are the CD ripping and burning ones and the multimedia playback features. If you insert a CD containing audio files you can use the Rip CD option to retrieve the files and convert them using the application. You can also burn all of your favourite audio files to a CD. Finally, you can play any file at any point using the multimedia controls in the top right corner of the main interface.


-Neat interface with cleanly presented tabs
-Extremely easy to use
-Very  fast conversion process
-The ability to rip and burn audio CDs


-Severe trial limitations


If you use a lot of DRM protected files and you want to use them anywhere you please then DRM Removal Video Unlimited is definitely an application for you. Although the trial version has huge limitations you can still see if the program suits you.