Dupli Find: Locate duplicate lines

Dupli Find is a very useful application that will scout through your documents of various formats in order to find duplicate lines and let you edit or delete them. The software is shareware with some limitations in the free trial.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process does not take long and is quite simple. The program is also offered as a portable version where no setup is required. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.



When you first start the application you will be greeted by a screen informing you of the limitations in the shareware version. You can only find up to 5 duplicate lines and have them displayed to you while the rest will be hidden. To amend that you can buy a license.

The window that follows the first screen is the Quickstart Help guide. It is a visual guide with 4 simple steps that pretty much give you all the information you would need in order to operate the software. You can open the window at any time inside the program by clicking on the top right corner of the application so you do not need to read it the first time if you think you can manage on your own.

The main interface consists of two windows. The first one displays the text from the source file while the other one displays the duplicate lines found in the file as well as the number of times they appear. To search a file, simply drag and drop it in the application or use the browser and you will be presented with various options about the searching. The settings vary from simple filters like case sensitive comparisons to more advanced ones like filtering exact lines or skipping a number of lines that you can set. You can even set a “regular expression” filter with extremely detailed information. The application will guide you through it when you roll your mouse over the question mark.

When you are done with the options and you click on the OK button, the application will automatically search the source file using the settings you have provided. The duplicate lines will appear in the bottom window and you can do two things with them. Either copy them to the clipboard so that you can save them in another file or select them and delete them. The deletion process is simple. Select the lines you want and click on the Save As icon so that your new document will be created using only the lines you have not selected.


-Fast or no installation
-Clean interface
-Extremely easy process
-Loads of filtering options


-The trial version can only display 5 duplicate lines


If you are working with documents a lot and you find yourself wasting a lot of your time finding and editing duplicate lines then Dupli Find will probably be for you. If you keep in mind that the application has quite a few limitations in the free version, you should find a lot to like about it.