DVD Identifier: Get information about your DVDs

DVD Identifier is a free and simple application that will help you retrieve information about your DVD that would be otherwise unavailable or inaccurate as the DVD labels are sometimes misleading.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very simple, offering basic options like choosing your destination folder and the creation of shortcuts. It is also very fast due to its small size. The application supports all versions of Windows from 95 and later.


As the application support a huge number of operating systems, the interface had to be as simple as possible and without much in the way of visuals. Still, this design choice works in favour of the application as its main purpose is to display information. The interface is very clean and the information does not get lost as it would in a cluttered working environment.

In the top of the main window you will be able to choose your optical drive if you have more than one or leave it as is if you do not. The different optical drives supported in your system will be marked with a checked green box while the other options will be grayed out. The boxes are there merely for educational purposes and serve no other functionality. However, the green and red arrows in the right of the drive selection box will open and close your optical drive, assuming it supports the automated function.

In the middle of the interface lies the Disc Identification panel. When you insert a DVD or a Blu-Ray Disc, their details will appear in the appropriate tab. Of course, different disc types contain different details. As an example, DVD+R/+RW discs have their recording speed information available whereas DVD-R/-RW do not. You can automatically copy the information panel on your clipboard by clicking on the Clipboard icon on the right side of the window. More information about the disc you have entered can be viewed by choosing the More Info icon.

Finally, the Additional Information tab in the bottom of the main window is exactly what the name suggests. You can access the status of the application, like the last time the database was updated as well as extra information about the discs like their drive capabilities and the “Media Code”-Block.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface with a focus on functionality
-Detailed information about the discs presented in a clear manner
-Compatibility with multiple disc types


-Dated visuals


If you have ever wondered about the label information of your DVDs or you simply want to know more details about them, then DVD Identifier can do it for you easily and fast. The clean interface and the support for all those disc types should be enough for the average user.