DVDInfoPro: Get information about your DVDs

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DVDInfoPro is a shareware program that gives detailed information about DVDs and optical media drives and comes with a lot of tools and utilities to get the most out of your disks and hardware.

Installation & Requirements

After you agree to the EULA you will be able to see the change log for the various versions of the application. Then you can choose to create desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts if you want. The installation should complete very fast after that. The supported operating systems are Windows SP2, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you start the application you will have to click on “Activate later” to continue with the trial version and go to the main interface. The main window begins at the current drive hardware information tab where you will be able to view detailed information about your optical drive/s. Rolling your mouse over anything will give you a short description of what it is. Dots that are colored means that your system supports them whereas the blank dots mean your hardware does not support that particular feature.

You can move through various parts of the application by clicking on the icons at the top toolbar. When you roll your mouse over them you can see what they are for. The first tab is the settings one, the three after that are for information purposes and the rest are various tools and utilities. Almost every utility and tool has its own window and they are all related to testing and editing your disks apart from one, the HDD error testing utility. Most of these tools can be used to check your hardware and your disks for errors, get detailed graphs with all the information you could possibly need and edit your disks either by formatting them or burning data to them.

If you have chosen to create a desktop shortcut you will have noticed that DVDInfoPro also installs Magic Burner. You can either access it from the desktop or directly from the application’s toolbar by the respective icon which should be the last in line. There you can burn your files and folders or your ISO images to a variety of disks with a load of options. While it might not be the best DVD burning application in the market it integrates very well with DVDInfoPro. You can even use the program to check your burned disks for more information after the process is done.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface
-A ton of utilities and tools
-Integrated burning software


-Somewhat outdated visuals


DVDInfoPro is a very neat application for tech minded people that want more detailed information about their drives and their disks. Most of the information and tools require some technical knowledge to understand and operate but users should become familiar with the interface in no time.

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