EArt Video Joiner: Quickly join your video files

Have you ever had two or more video files that you wished were one? If you have, EArt Video Joiner will let you do that easily and perhaps best of all, absolutely free of charge.

Installation & Requirements

During the setup you will be asked to choose an installation path as well as to check some boxes for the creation of shortcuts. Other than that, the tiny application should install itself very quickly. The program supports every Windows version starting from Windows 95 with no additional requirements.


When people talk about video editing applications, a clean look rarely comes to mind. EArt Video Joiner is more like the exception to the rule as the interface looks absolutely brilliant. Everything is neatly presented, the buttons are where they should be and information is provided in a clear manner. All of that make using the program a very well-rounded experience and one that feels very fluid.

Apart from the great interface, every function in the program feels very polished. Drag and drop is supported with minimal hiccups which is also quite rare. Joining videos together is fast and works perfectly most of the time unless the video file is problematic. Users get a lot of information about the files when they drop them inside the program and after a conversion has been made so that you can notice the differences between the old and the new.

Due to the fact that the application is targeted mostly at an inexperienced audience, there are not many options to play around. In fact, while the application supports quite a lot of video file formats for input files, it only supports two as output ones, AVI and MPEG. That is not necessarily a bad thing as everyone can quickly find out information about these two formats and which one of them would suit them better. The targeted crowd will find great pleasure in dropping a few videos inside the program, popping the join button and watching the program’s magic unfold.

Although the supported output file formats are limited, the configuration options for the joining process are not. When you press the join option, you are presented with a settings window that is quite detailed indeed. Users can obviously leave everything as is because the default settings work great. More experienced users will definitely like the fact that you can customize these settings, especially since they are so easy to set up. Overall, it is a great addition to an already intuitive experience.


-Clear, immaculate interface
-Intuitive design
-Fast joining process
-Great configuration options


-Only two output video file formats supported


Without a doubt, EArt Video Joiner is one of the best video joining utilities you could possibly hope to find no matter what. With a genuinely great interface and amazing controls, there is not much to fault in this application, especially if you are looking for something simple yet effective at the same time.