How To: Easily change app icons in Android without using a custom launcher

Having a new set of icons for your apps can give an entirely different look to your Android device. Many users are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of customization, but this is not necessary all the time.

Of course, app icons can be changed by installing a third-party launcher. Not all these launchers come with this capability, but there are several ones like Nova, Apex and Go Launcher which do include it.

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However, not everyone wants to change their current launcher and you don’t have to. With an app like Icon Changer you can change individual app icons and you can also use your own images to do that, not just preset graphics. To get started, install the app from the link below.

Download Icon Changer (Google Play)

-Icon Changer-1

After the app finishes installing, open it and tap on the center of the main window so you can begin to change icons of your installed apps.

-Icon Changer-2

Now you can select an app from the list in order to change its icon.

-Icon Changer-3

Icon Changer also lets you change the size of the icon, its borders, the color and a few other aspects.

-Icon Changer-4

Besides the built-in icons you can choose from, the app lets you use your own images to create new icons. Several editing tools are offered for this task as well, and these will let you change the icon’s size, borders and edges but also perform color adjustments to modify brightness, contrast, saturation and other parameters, and apply filters such as grayscale, sepia and reverse.

-Icon Changer-4

When you’re happy with how your icon looks, hit the OK button and once you return to the home screen you’ll see your new icon displayed instead of the old one.

Icon Changer offers one of the easiest ways to customize your home screen app icons, and the app is free but quite riddled with ads. That’s not such a big problem for occasional use, but if you like to change app icons often, it’s worth buying the add-free version of the app for $1.99.

Have you used Icon Changer and are you satisfied how it works? What other things have you done to customize how your phone looks? Share your feedback in the comments section or by sending us a message on FacebookTwitter or Google+.