How To: Easily find beautiful Material Design apps on the Google Play Store

With over a billion apps available in the Play Store, there are plenty of them serving the same purpose and equipped with nearly the same features. In this case, it’s the interface that makes the difference in helping us decide which one to choose.

I’m not going to suggest all the non-Material Design layouts are ugly or poorly designed, but Google’s guidelines do ensure an app’s visuals will blend right into the Android ecosystem.

If you’re a fan of Material Design then you probably know the Google Play Store doesn’t provide such a criteria to filter your searches and it can be difficult to find Material Design apps.

Fortunately, a free app called Material Apps Showcase features a large number of apps from an enthusiastic Material Design Google+ community and it has them neatly sorted in charts and categories so you can easily find new ones.

You can download the app from the link below or simply search for its name in the Play Store.

Install Material Apps Showcase (Google Play)

Material Apps Showcase 1

When you run the app for the first time, it will open its ‘New 50 Apps’ chart showing the latest Material Design apps that have been submitted in the Google+ community.

Material Apps Showcase 2

Nevertheless, Material Apps Showcase offers a ‘Top 50 Apps’ chart as well and plenty of app categories you can access from the side navigation menu.

Material Apps Showcase 3

If you find an app you’d like to install, just tap its name in the list and a preview screen with a few screenshots and a description will be displayed. Then, tap the Play Store icon and you’ll be taken to the app’s official install page on Google Play from where you can install it as usual.

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