Easily track App Store and iTunes sales and price drops with CheapCharts iOS app

CheapCharts app for iOS

It’s definitely worth paying for a good app or game, as well as other digital content. This way, we get to support developers, artists and other content creators for their hard work and also make it possible for them to cover their production costs.

It’s true sometimes great apps can become free during limited-time offers, but more often than not they go on sale, allowing us to get them at discounted prices. CheapCharts is a free iOS app that lets you track price changes for all the content available in the App Store and iTunes in a very easy way.

To begin with, you can install the app from the link below:

Download CheapCharts (iTunes)


As the name of the app suggests, after you launch the app you can browse through various charts for apps, movies, music, games and so on. As a result, you can see which paid titles are currently available for free or on discount and there are also options to filter the results by device and rating.

However, CheapCharts also provides a built-in search function so you can look for specific titles you might be interested in and there’s no need to periodically check if it’s on sale since the app lets you add it to your wishlist with the option to receive notifications when the price drops for your wishlist items.


Besides the ability to customize notifications and the app’s layout, CheapCharts provides ‘Artist Radar’, ‘Actor Radar’ and similar tracking options for publishers that allow you to follow them and be alerted when new content goes on sale.

The app doesn’t offer just charts, but also various lists such as albums under $5, movie packs and many others. The best part is if you set it up right, you’ll be able to save a lot of money for quality apps, games, movies, and music, with very little effort.

Have you ever used CheapCharts to find iTunes and App Store deals, and what are some of the best-paid apps and games you were able to get at discounted prices? Let us know in the comments section below or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.