east-tec Eraser: Protect your online privacy

Doing anything online, whether it is just browsing a page or connecting to an online service, means that you leave traces behind. Malicious users can scout through those traces and obtain important and personal information about you, unless you use a program like east-tec Eraser to find and erase that data.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation is extremely fast and gives you quite a lot of options regarding shortcuts and other settings. The application supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and 2008.


Since you have probably used an antivirus application before, the interface of east-tec Eraser will feel right at home. The very first page, dubbed the Dashboard, provides you with information regarding the current security state of your computer based on previous activities. For example, if you have never updated the software, you will see a warning asking you to update. You will also get warnings about using the application’s various utilities but more on them later.

The program has quite a lot of features that help protect your privacy, ranging from simple to quite complex. The Privacy Guard, arguably the main feature of the application, has two main running modes aimed at amateur and experienced users respectively. The Basic mode will take care of things for you and will run pre-configured default settings that should cover what most users need. The Advanced mode will let you pick your own options and settings so it is aimed at users that actually know what they are doing and want to erase specific things.

The list of supported “sensitive areas” is huge and you might spend quite some time figuring out what you want to delete. After all, some people like to have personal information on their computers because it actually makes things easier. Not having to enter your details every time is something that most people are used to and do not want to change. Of course, the application is not exactly aimed at those people but it is still worth noting.

In regards to just how well the program works, I have to say it is quite brilliant. The customization options that I could choose as an advanced user were pretty neat as I could nitpick through a humongous list, deleting everything I considered to be breaching my privacy while also leaving other programs and areas completely untouched. Integrated utilities like the Media Wiper are also really cool, allowing you to erase whole removable drives, provided they do not go above 64GB of storage.

Going to the Media Wiper will also unveil the application’s only fault: it just feels cheap sometimes. In that tab, for example, you will be prompted to download other software from the same company in order to access more features. That would be annoying even if the software was free, but that is obviously not the case. Still, the ads and prompts are mostly non-obstructive, although I would expect an application like this would have none.


-Quite a neat interface
-Loads of options for advanced users
-Can take care of everything if you are not up to the task
-In-depth scanning and erasing processes
-Covers a whole lot of areas


-Annoying ads
-Can be quite slow


If you are at all concerned about your privacy online, be sure to install east-tec Eraser and try it out. The program has many features that will help protect you,  even if you are not at all experienced in the field.