Easy2Sync for Files: Synchronize files along your computer network

Sharing files and folder between networks takes quite a bit of time that could be used in a more productive way, especially in office settings. Instead of doing it manually every time, Easy2Sync for Files lets you automatically synchronize your files with any computer in your own network.

Installation & Requirements

You will have no trouble with the setup since it is very easy and fast. The supported operating systems for the application are Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 as well as Windows Servers 2003/2008.


The first window that comes up when starting the application is the new task wizard. You can either proceed with it or choose for the wizard to stop running automatically when you execute the program. When you create your first task you have the option for the application to create a test one so that you can see what it can do without having to use your own files.

If you choose to use the test task, two folders will be created in your desktop. Different test text files will appear in both folders so that you can see how the application works. You should try deleting or adding a few files in the folders created by the application and then run the test task. Running the task will take you to the Quickstart which will guide you through the exact steps the application takes in order to complete the tasks. It is an extremely useful tool that will really help inexperienced users understand the thought process behind the program and what exactly their actions do. It is like having your own personal assistant explaining every little thing to you in layman’s terms. The program does not use a technical vocabulary but instead uses simple terms so that it does not confuse its users.

The application handles things in “Actions” and “Messages”. The difference is that Actions are taken automatically by the application depending on the task you are running. In Messages, the application will not know what to do and it will ask you to choose a specific action. When you try to synchronize two or more folders, it will compile a list of all the differences. The Actions and Messages will appear there as well and you can edit them as much as you want. Even if you have stated certain Actions for the task, you can still alter them if you have changed your mind at this stage.


-The program is extremely easy to use and all of its comprehensive options are explained in detail
-A wide array of actions to choose in regards to the synchronization of the files and the computers you want to work with
-You can choose to synchronize files between different computers or even between the same computer if you wish


-None that are worth mentioning


As the application is completely free and really helps users get to know all of its inner workings, there is no excuse to keep you from at least trying it out. Especially if you work in an office environment where sharing files is essential, it can help you save a ton of time that you can spend doing something else.