eM Client: A comprehensive e-mail client

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If you need to constantly manage your e-mails you will have noticed that the standard e-mail clients can be too clunky for regular use. eM Client surely knows that and instead offers a free but complete alternative to the standard clients that you can use to manage up to 2 e-mails.

Installation & Requirements

The setup should completely very fast. Start menu shortcuts are created automatically whereas you will have to create the Desktop ones yourself. At the end of the installation you will have various options that you can check or uncheck depending on your needs. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you first start the program you will have to go through the New account wizard. Here you will be able to choose the interface you want, import your information from Outlook and set up your account. The last part is extremely easy as you can simply type your e-mail and the application will automatically tailor the settings to fit that account and you can even choose manual options for each service if you want.

Regardless of the skin you have chosen, the interface looks incredible. Even if you have a huge list of e-mails, a couple of minutes configuring the layout will make it look very clean and neat. The program manages to have all of the various services and information readily available for you while also making the interface enjoyable and uncluttered. It is an amazing designing feat and sets the tone for the rest of the application immediately.

Using the program could not be easier. Most of the features you will find here can be found in any e-mail client, including the web ones. However, everything is simply better, more advanced and elegant. The toolbar at the top changes automatically depending on what you have clicked on. Click on an e-mail and you will get all of the usual options like replying, marking it as something, forwarding it and more. Click on a calendar day and you will get various display options. Right clicking on a anything also works and will likely give you additional options that you would not get from the toolbar.

The good thing about the application is that it is not a simple e-mail client. As I mentioned before, there are various extra utilities like the Calendar, the Tasks list and even an instant messaging feature. All of the services, including the Mail, are located in the left side of the window. Clicking on any of them will collapse their menu and show their specific options. Some of these services, like the Calendar, will be automatically integrated with the application. Others, like the Contacts-IM, will have to be configured individually.


-Fast installation
-Extremely easy to use
-Amazing interface
-Tons of different utilities and services
-Seamless integration with your e-mail account


-None worth mentioning


If you are looking for one of the very best e-mail clients in the market then you do not need to look any further than eM Client. If you want to use the program for personal purposes then the program will definitely suit all of your needs and it will be free.