Email Address Collector: Organize your contacts

Managing your email addresses and your contact lists is a very time consuming task that can put a drain to your work schedule. Email Address Collector amends that by offering a simple utility to collect your contact lists.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process completes very fast and is very simple. After it is done it will open your Outlook and will also ask you to configure it if you have not already done that. The supported operating systems are Windows 95 and higher.


The visual look of the interface is quite pleasant as it is modern without being obscure and it is also very clean. All of the information is neatly presented in different tabs and all of the tools are easily accessible by the toolbar located in the top of the main window.

On the left side of the window you have your Contacts, Folders and Files and Local Documents tabs. In the first one you can find very contact that you have taken from all of your different mail services like Outlook and Thunderbird. Your contacts will be presented in the session tab in the right side of the window with their alias name and their email address. From there you can extract all of them to a folder of your choice if you want or choose them individually from the Session window and edit them from there.

You can also find contacts in your local folders by browsing through them from the other tabs. Every contact list that you have extracted will also appear there and you can insert it to the application again for editing purposes and for easier viewing. The application offers a quite extensive search function so if you have a huge contact list you can find anyone you want with the search function. It is also extremely useful if you want specific lists for different reasons, like finding all of your contacts that belong to a specific web service so that you can send bulk e-mails only to them.

If you ever find yourself in need of help, the application can offer you guides in two forms. The first one is a regular help file that has very detailed information about the inner workings of the application and mostly works like a FAQ that will answer your most pressing questions. The second help offering by the application is a tutorial in the form of a PDF that guides users through each step in order to find and extract their contacts and whatever else they are planning on doing with the application.


-Fast installation
-Easy to use interface
-Integration with a lot of email services
-Helpful tutorials and menus


-The demo version has a few limitations


Email Address Collector will do exactly what it says. The good thing is that it will do it very fast in a clean interface that will be easy to use for everyone and that is what most people will be looking for anyway.