Enable auto recording in Music Memos iOS app

Apple is continuously developing new apps for iOS users and while some are for the masses, others are more focused on providing professionals easier ways of doing their jobs. The Music Memos app was launched at the beginning of the year and it’s a great app for song composers.

Among its most useful features is the ability to enable Auto Recording in Music Memos iOS app which means it will automatically start recording when you play music. Any creative music artist can make use of Music Memos since it’s extremely easy to use and the only skill you need is knowledge of music.

Since recording music is an essential need for the composition process it makes sense Music Memos can do this automatically. Recording only takes place while you’re actually playing music so there’s no button that needs to be manually pushed in order to start or stop the process.

How to enable auto recording in Music Memos iOS app

Music Memos app for iOS

I’ll explain all the steps you need to take in order to enable auto recording in Music Memos iOS app – it’s a straightforward process and definitely worth the effort if you want to easily create music without being distracted by technicalities.

Open the Music Memos app and in the top-left corner of the main screen, you will see an ‘Auto’ option. Tap on it and the app will enter the automatic recording mode. As you can see from the on-screen instructions you can also opt to manually start/stop the recording mode by tapping on the circle.

Enable auto recording in Music Memos iOS app

With automatic recording mode enabled, you just need to start playing some music, the app will begin to record it and the recording will be stopped when you’re done playing or just want to take a break.

It’s stupid easy but also a much-needed feature, for both amateur and professional musicians. Have you ever composed songs with Music Memos and what do you like most about the app?

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