How To: Enable color filters in iOS 10

The Accessibility settings in iOS 10 are extensive, to say the least, although Apple always finds something new to add in there. One of the latest additions are the color filters.

This option helps compensate for color blindness and covers a range of related illnesses. Furthermore, these color filters (specifically the red one) can also help astrophotographers use their iPhones and iPads while star gazing without losing their night vision.

How to enable color filters in iOS 10

For whatever reason you need them, here’s how you can easily enable color filters in iOS 10.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and select “Display Accommodation”.

enable color filters in iOS 10

Tap on the “Color Filters” option and enable it on the following screen.


There are three filters available: Red/Green that helps those suffering from Protanopia, Green/Red for Deuteranopia ad Blue/Yellow for Tritanopia. There’s also a greyscale filter available.

You can swipe to navigate through the available filters and see their previews.

In the “Custom” area, you can adjust Intensity and Hue values.

Perhaps these color filters only cater to a limited number of people, but they’re still useful and it’s nice to see Apple supporting physically impaired users.

Have you tried any of the new color filters and have they managed to improve your iOS experience?

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