[Guide] Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

Among numerous other features, Windows 10 Creators Update will include a Game Mode option, designed to improve game performance. If you’re already a part of the Windows Insider program and you have the latest build installed, you can enable Game Mode in Windows 10 right now.

When enabled, Game Mode prioritizes your computer’s resources, specifically the CPU and GPU to optimize gaming performance. This option is available in a new section of the Settings app called Gaming, which now includes all the features available in the stock Xbox app. Let’s see how you can enable Game Mode in Windows 10.

How to enable Game Mode in Windows 10

enable Game Mode in Windows 10

Open the Settings app and navigate to Gaming -> Game Mode. Enable the ‘Use Game Mode’ option. That’s it!

Nevertheless, you can also enable Game Mode only for specific apps. To do this, make sure you have the game opened on the desktop and press the Win + G keyboard shortcut to open the Game Bar.

enable Game Mode in Windows 10

On the Game Bar, click on the gear icon to open its settings and check the option called ‘Use Game Mode for this game’. The Game Bar is a convenient way to enable Game Mode for a specific game, while you’re already playing it since there’s no need to exit or minimize it.

With Game Mode enabled, your operating system will prioritize games and dedicate more resources to them for the best gaming experience.

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