Here’s how you can enable Google Now in any country (root required)

Google Now has grown to become a highly functional digital assistant but for the moment it’s not available to all Android users. The service doesn’t work in a large number of countries  from all over the world, including China, Albania, Malta, Puerto Rico, Cyprus and Nepal among others. If you own a rooted Android device, there’s a clever workaround that lets you enable Google Now in any country.

While this is not news, the assistant doesn’t work in countries where Location Reporting is not available. The method to fix this problem requires using a simple app called Google Now Enabler which requires root access to your device. The app patches your currently installed Google app to bypass location checks. This way, it can enable Google Now in any country.

How to enable Google Now in any country

Google Now Enabler is very easy to use, but it does require root access. Before you head over to the link below to install the app, make sure your device is rooted and running Android 4.0 – Android 6.0.1. You must also have “Unknown sources” enabled to sideload the app.

Download Google Now Enabler (.APK)

Once you download the app from the link above, tap on the Download complete notification then on “Install”.

To continue, launch Google Now Enabler, then select ‘Grant’ when it requests Superuser access. At this point, you just need to tap on the ‘Put Skynet Online’ option and Google Now should be functional on your device, even if you’re located in a country where it doesn’t normally work.

While it would have been ideal for Google Now to simply work in any country ever since it was launched, at the very least those who own a rooted Android device can use Google Now Enabler to quickly make the service functional.

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