How To: Enable Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Assistant (and why you should)

The new Pixel phones have an awesome set of exclusive features, and Wi-Fi Assistant is one of them. You should definitely enable Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Assistant if you want to securely connect to open hotspots.

This feature is designed to help you save data, without compromising on security. Wi-Fi Assistant automatically connects to open hotspots, but it also creates a secure VPN to route your data.

As a result, you will rely on Wi-Fi networks more and save mobile data, but also in a secure manner. While this is definitely a useful feature, you will need to manually enable Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Assistant since it’s not turned on by default.

Another interesting thing is that the Verizon Wireless versions of both Pixel and Pixel XL originally had Wi-Fi Assistant disabled. However, a fix has been rolled out so if you own one of these handsets and you don’t see the options described below reboot the device to install the newest firmware.

If you still don’t see the option you might need to wait a bit more for the firmware to become available for your device.

How to enable Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Assistant

enable Google Pixel's Wi-Fi Assistant

To enable Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Assistant you must first open the Settings app.

enable Google Pixel's Wi-Fi Assistant

Then, select Wi-Fi and tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Now, toggle the switch next to ‘Use open Wi-Fi automatically’ to enable Wi-Fi Assistant and press ‘GOT IT’ on the following prompt.

With Wi-Fi Assistant enabled your Pixel phone will automatically connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots in a secure manner. You can see the “G” Google logo in the status bar when you’re connected to one of these networks.

If you’re still a bit worried security-wise you should know that Wi-Fi Assistant only connects to open hotspots that have been verified by Google to be both reliable and fast. And for any of these connections all your traffic will be directed through a VPN for optimized speed.

Have you tried Wi-Fi Assistant yet?

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