How To: Enable and use Google Pixel’s Night Light mode

One of the latest and exclusive features available on Google Pixel phones is the Night Light mode which is similar to Apple’s Night Shift feature available on iOS devices.

Google’s Pixel phone ships with a new Night Light mode, similar to Night Shift on iOS devices. The purpose of this feature is to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your device and emit a warmer tint that’s suitable for use near bedtime to help you get a better quality sleep.

How to use Google Pixel’s Night Light mode

There are various third-party apps that offer this feature, f-lux being the most popular one. Nevertheless, if you own one of the new Pixel phones you don’t need them anymore. Keep reading to find out how to customize and use Google Pixel’s Night Light mode.

To configure and enable the Night Light feature, open the Settings app and go to Display -> Night Light. Once you toggle on the switch next to the Night Light option, there are a few settings you can customize.

You can let it turn on automatically and remain enabled between sunset and sunrise based on your current location every day or you can set up a custom schedule.

However, you can also manually enable Night Light when needed, without using a preset or custom schedule.

use Google Pixel's Night Light mode

You can use one of the quick tiles to easily enable or disable Night Light at any time.

The Pixel’s screen with Night Light enable gets a strong reddish hue, which for now cannot be customized, unlike Apple’s similar Night Shift function. However, we’re confident Google will implement the ability to tweak the warmth level of the red filter in a future update.

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