[Guide] Enable YouTube’s Dark Mode on Google Chrome

YouTube’s desktop website is getting a visual revamp that will make it adhere to Google’s Material Design guidelines. The new interface is gradually rolling out and comes with a minimal and clean look as well as a dark theme. There’s no need to wait for the official update – you can enable YouTube’s Dark Mode on Google Chrome right now.

Normally, you would need to wait until the update reaches your account but if you’re impatient like me, you can switch to the new YouTube UI with just a few clicks. While this trick works on both Mac and Windows operating systems, it must be done on the Chrome desktop browser.

How to enable YouTube’s Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Launch Chrome and open https://www.youtube.com/?gl=US in a new tab. Apparently, it only works when YouTube is set to U.S.

Now you will need to access the Chrome developer tools. To do this, press Ctrl+Shift+I if you’re a Windows user or Option+Shift+I if you’re a Mac user.

In the Chrome developer tools, click on the ‘Application’ tab. On the left sidebar, expand the Cookies menu and select the youtube domain. Right-click on the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie and delete it.

To continue, go to the Console tab and redefine the cookie you just deleted using the following command:


Hit Enter to run it.

Then, you can close the developer tools. Press the refresh button and the new YouTube interface should be displayed instead of the old one.

enable YouTube's Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Now all you have left to do is enable the Dark Mode since it might not be enabled by default. Just click on your YouTube profile button and click once more on Dark Mode in the drop-down menu.

The dialog above will be displayed. Toggle on the switch to enable Dark Mode.

That’s it. The web version on YouTube should appear black.

I’ve always loved dark themes. Even Windows 10 has a hidden dark mode and it’s certainly awesome that YouTube will soon offer one to the public and even better that we can actually get it right now!

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