EnCalcE: Appliance cost calculator

EnCalcE is a very simple application that will help you calculate the cost and CO2 emissions of your electronic appliances in a few simple steps with surprising depth.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple and completes very fast. To run the program you will need to register an account for free in the product’s website and then use the code they will send in your e-mail. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Older versions of the application supported Windows 2000 as well and they can be found in the archives of the website.


There is a single window for the application where you will do everything. The calculations are divided into three different tabs, namely “Hours Used Daily”, “Electricity Data” and “Comparison”.  The electricity data are set by default but you can always change them as the constants do not stay the same, especially in different regions. You can easily find out things like the normal rate cost of your region by searching for it in the internet. Everything from tax, inflation and the CO2 emissions rate can be changed t fit your own calculations if you want.

Both the other tabs are fully editable as well. When you roll your mouse over any blank field you can view information about each tab’s specific functions as well as the maximum input number they can calculate. After you have your facts straight you can enter everything in the application and press on the Calculate button. The results only appear when you press that button so you can make any changes you want and they will only appear then. If you have inserted data for two items in the Comparison tab yu will also see results in the Saving tab which will be the difference in cost and CO2 emissions between the two items you have entered the data for. The results can be displayed in cost or in kilowatts per hour rates.

When you are done with your calculations you can save your results in a log. When you are ready to do more calculations you can then archive that log so you can access it whenever you want. Lastly, you can keep some of the data you have entered for your items so that you do not need to insert them all over again. You can also save the Electricity Data if you have edited them to fit your own region and consumption.


-Fast installation
-Very easy to use interface
-The ability to edit all of the values
-Detailed saving logs


-A user guide would help with the calculations


EnCalcE is brilliant in its simplicity. Instead of spending hours calculating and writing things down about your energy consumption and cost, you can do all of it in a simple application that will even let you save your results for later use.