Eternity Warriors 3 vs Dungeon Hunter 4

Out of all the dungeon crawlers on the mobile market, my personal two favourites are Eternity Warriors 3 and Dungeon Hunter 4 — with Dark Avenger coming in at a close third. However, these two games are both fantastic examples of addicting, intense, and epic dungeon crawlers. It has always been a toss up for me as to which one was better, each game offers a few different aspects that the other does not, and some of the mechanics vary as well. Now, I’m going to compare these two titles side by side to find out which one is truly the best.

Better Character Customization?


Dungeon Hunter 4 offers four unique classes, each with a wide variety of abilities that you can change throughout the game. In total, there are 10 different passive skills, and 8 different active skills, and it’s very important you utilize these correctly depending on the fight. You’re also of  course, responsible for maintaining your character’s armor, weapons, and jewelry, which can be enchanted with gems to help you improve a specific stat or set of stats. Overall, there is quite a bit you can do to make your character perform the way you want it to, but there really isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before in many other dungeon crawlers.


Unfortunately, I can’t really say Eternity Warriors 3 brings anything new to the genre either, and overall you have very similar character customization with both games. EW3 offers three classes, instead of the four classes to choose from in DH4. Each class has only four active abilities and three passives, which aren’t interchangeable as you can use them all in the same mission. This is a pretty big downfall for EW3’s character customization, however I did really enjoy the item fusion aspect of your equipment. Still, the numbers don’t lie, and it’s clear that DH4 wins this category. Winner: Dungeon Hunter 4.

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Better Gameplay Mechanics?

My biggest pet peeve about Dungeon Hunter 4, is how the combat becomes pretty stale after a few hours. Being able to unlock multiple abilities, and swap them out as you go, does make it a little more bearable — but the standard attacks just feel so wooden and boring. Since your attacks don’t necessarily interrupt enemy attacks or briefly stun them, it’s usually all about how well geared you are and how much damage you’re going to take compared to receive, except it all just feels based on statistics.


With Eternity Warriors 3, I never get that feeling, and I have always immensely enjoyed the combat in that game. Since your standard attack is more of a combo, and can be used to negate enemy attacks, it requires you to be much more aware of where you are standing, and where you  are aiming your attacks. EW3 always feels fast-paced, but never to the point where you have no time to prepare for the upcoming battle, compared to DH4 where your character seems to move a whole lot slower than your enemies, making it difficult to really have a strategic battle in single player.

I definitely have to give this category to Eternity Warriors 3, but I really wish DH4 had a better combat system, since the character customization base would make it even more awesome with an EW3 style gameplay. Winner: Eternity Warriors 3.

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Better Overall Flow of Difficulty?

When playing through DH4, there were a few times where I felt a little mis-guided in the progression of the story. It wasn’t clear until I was already about half way through a mission until I realized I had no chance of completing it. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to travel back to previous areas to train up for your current level, but these could definitely be organized a lot better. Obviously with an in-game store oriented dungeon crawler, you’re going to need to do some re-playing if you don’t want to spend money, but it could be a little more descriptive in this area.


A small, but very helpful aspect of EW3 that I was really grateful for, was the constantly updating GS number that would help you to know what areas you’re going to be able to complete without extraneous difficulty. Sure, there were some pretty big jumps on the later levels, but at least you’re aware of this beforehand, and you don’t go into a new level just to find out you hardly deal any damage to the boss. Also, just in general, it felt like I was replaying missions a whole lot less compared to DH4. Winner: Eternity Warriors 3.

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Which is more Visually Appealing?

This is the easiest question to answer out of the five, as it’s pretty obvious that Dungeon Hunter 4 is on a whole other level visually compared to Eternity Warriors 3. It’s not that EW3 looks bad by any means, but DH4 has the best graphics I’ve ever seen on a mobile dungeon crawler. Everything from the scenery and character models, to the fantastic skill animations — the graphics are actually able to make the game’s somewhat boring combat a little more enjoyable.


Eternity Warriors 3 really doesn’t have much texture variance between maps, and while everything looks decent, it doesn’t compare. Winner: Dungeon Hunter 4.

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Which game has the most to do?

Dungeon Hunter 4 has a ton of things to do, there’s the main story-line which features a handful of levels, as well a fully connected open world for these levels — and there’s also a bunch of other game modes. For example, you have access to multiple Co-op levels and Arenas, which is a really awesome feature in and of itself. There’s also PvP, which at the moment, is quite limited with only one area. And of course, there is the Endless Mode, where you can battle through waves of enemies to see how long you can survive.


I was disappointed that there wasn’t any co-op or PvP in EW3, and really no social interaction other than the chat and town area. But there’s still a really long single-player campaign that offers roughly 25 different single-player missions compared to DH4’s 11. However, a lot of the maps in EW3 are identical, just with different enemies, whereas DH4’s are all unique and very detailed to make them feel new and refreshing. Eternity Warriors 3 also has an Endless Mode, but that’s really the extent of it other than the single-player campaign.

Once you finish the game on Normal Mode, you’re able to re-play all of the missions on Hardcore mode with the hopes of finding better gear, but you’re still re-playing old content. I did spend a whole lot more time managing my inventory in EW3 than in I did in DH4, which actually gives you a surprising amount of time consumption that isn’t as boring as it sounds. Still, I have to say: Winner: Dungeon Hunter 4.

So Which Game is Better?

Although Dungeon Hunter 4 won the majority of the categories with a 3-2 spread, I’m still unable to really consider it better than Eternity Warriors 3, simply due to how much more enjoyable the combat is in EW3. If games were judged solely on visuals and unique content, DH4 would be the clear winner, but in my opinion Gameplay is a whole lot more important than visuals — and without a solid gameplay, all the extra content becomes less valuable.

Then again, DH4 offers so much more in regards to character abilities, whereas EW3 leaves you pretty bored with your character’s moves after a while. Personally, I would still have to go with Eternity Warriors 3 as the better game, in the current state of both titles. However, DH4 definitely has a good chance at becoming the better of the two with a few updates.

What are your thoughts on these two games? Which would you say should be crowned victorious? Let us know in the comments!