Exe Icon Changer: Personalize all your exe files

There comes a time in every computer user’s life where everything just seems too familiar and boring, even the icons on the computer. However, with Exe Icon Changer you can easily turn the most mundane of exe icons to some of your favourite pictures.

Installation & Requirements

The software’s installation is very old school but very simple as well. You will be guided through various things you need to accept and you will also have a decent amount of options regarding the installation. The supported operating systems are Win95, Win98, Win ME, Win XP, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32 and 64 bit variants.


The general look of the program gives off a vibe of simplicity but that is not a bad thing. After all, the program does just exactly what the name suggests so there is no need to clutter the interface with useless information. The toolbar with the two options is located on the left hand side of the application’s window. The Icons Source button will have you navigate your folders in order to find the image you want to convert into an .exe icon. You can use anything you want but keep in mind that the program will have to compress an image a lot and a lot of the details will be lost. However, that also depends on the icons you want to change and the way you view them in Windows Explorer.

Clicking on the Destination button will move you to the next part of the process. Simply locate the .exe whose icon you want changed. The program will automatically list the icons the .exe uses in various places in Windows like the shell icon and the Start Menu one. You can change each and every one of them but you have to bear in mind that the icons are sized differently. That means that even though a large icon looks nice, it might not bear any resemblance in its smaller counterparts.

When you are ready to complete the transition, click on the specific icon you want to change and then click on the large red arrow. The simple process will be completed and the program will inform you that the operation was a success. If you don’t see it in the Windows Explorer immediately it usually means that you have changed an icon that is different in size than the one you are currently viewing.


-Simply transform boring icons to something you will like to see
-Easy to use interface even for the most inexperienced users


-Very limited options in the free version


The name of the application gives it all away. If your aim is to change the icons of your executable files, Exe Icon Changer can easily do it for you with any image of your choosing.