Explorer++: Advanced file management

Although the Windows Explorer is fine for basic functions, it misses some of the more advanced ones. Explorer++ aims to help with that by integrating itself with Windows while also providing a lot more options than the default Explorer.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation for Explorer++. Simply download the required files, extract them in a folder of your choice and run the program’s executable file. The application supports all versions of Windows from XP and later and is offered in both 32 and 64 bit versions.


The program’s interface will seem familiar as it uses the default Explorer theme as a foundation. However, you will soon notice that it looks a lot cleaner and frankly better than the normal Explorer. Browsing through files and folders with the application is a lot faster too which improves the overall experience. Instead of operating the application in a separate window, you can also choose to replace the default explorer with it and use it like you would normally use Explorer as the application also offers an abundance of shortcut options.

Doing basic functions within the application is extremely easy as it is pretty much the same as the default version. Even the context menu prompts are integrated in the program which means that if you are using custom context menus from other applications you will keep them. Functions like copying and pasting are done in the exact same way only now they are faster and more convenient. Customization options are also aplenty, with options like setting different colours for specific file types and creating new bookmarks on the go.

The left side panel allows for extremely easy navigation within the computer and you can open multiple tabs that act as different windows. That means that the interface is kept clean in contrast to Windows Explorer. When you want to move files to a lot of different folders you simply need to open different tabs, thus making the whole process easier.

More advanced functions are also readily available. For example, you can click on the Move to or Copy to icon while choosing a file or folder and you can then move it using the application’s browser without having to open an additional tab. In addition to that, you can merge or split files by going to the Actions tab of the top toolbar. A new window will pop up where you can edit your options like the destination folder and the output file name and that’s it. Lastly, more experienced users can use the command prompt by clicking on the respective icon.


-No installation required
-Seamless integration with Windows
-Compliments the default Windows Explorer with more advanced functions
-Very fast browsing


-None worth mentioning


Exlorer++ can definitely be a good alternative to your Windows Explorer if you want it to be. With more advanced functions, a faster speed and an amazing interface, the application is brilliant in its simplicity.