ExpPrint: Create directory listings

ExpPrint is an application that will let you create listings of your Windows files and folders with extremely detailed information about each of them and the ability to retrieve information on the spot.

Installation & Requirements

The installation of the application completes very fast and offers only the basic options you have come to expect. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and upwards. You will also need to install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.


To use the application and create new listings, right click on a folder or a number of files that you want to create a list of and choose the “ExpPrint Listing…” option from the context menu.  You will then be taken to the Explorer Listing Utility where you will be able to choose all of the options and settings you want for the listing. The Additional Settings tab offers a lot of options revolving around producing file contents with hash values and filtering listing for particular file formats. Unfortunately, the trial version does not let you modify the settings in any way or save them. If you want the additional settings you will have to purchase a licensed version of the program first.

Pressing the Create button will move you on to the ExpPrint Listing Viewer where you will get to actually create your listing and save it in the layout format that you want to use. In the left side you will be able to choose from three types of formats. When you click on them, a sample will appear in the bottom of the window alongside a very detailed description in the right side. The description will revolve around the particular example shown in the picture and will inform you that there are a lot of variables that you can change at will.

Clicking on the Next button gives you the Detailed Table Options window. In this final window you will nitpick the various details of the output listing file like the colour, the font, the lines, the folder indicators and much more. You will also be able to choose the details you want to appear like the creation and modification timestamps of the files you have included in your listing and more. The application is also able to retrieve a lot of information about specific file types like the tags of audio files and the subtitles of video files.

The final file will only be created when you click on the Next button again. It will be displayed immediately to you so if for an example you have chosen an HTML format, a new tab will appear in your browser, albeit in an offline form.


-Extremely easy to use
-Tons of options for each format
-Seamless integration with Windows Explorer
-The ability to gather detailed information about each file


-Some limitations in the trial version


ExpPrint provides a utility that Windows Explorer should have on its own. The ability to create listings with detailed information is an extremely helpful one and something that will save a ton of time for people that would otherwise have to do it manually.