Extension Copy: Alter and copy specific files

Extension Copy is an extremely useful utility that will let you copy and edit files and folders that you will define via certain rules, all in one simple convenient package.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is quite fast and simple. You will, however, have quite a few options regarding the program like enabling it in the context menu and, starting it with Windows and creating various shortcuts. The application supports all Windows version from 95 and higher as well as all Windows Servers from 2003.


The application’s interface might look a bit outdated but what it lacks in visuals it more than compensates in functions and flexibility. First of all, if you are having any trouble using the program you can click on the Settings, choose the About tab and then click on the Help link. It will open an HTML help file with detailed information on how to use the program and a FAQ section which should answer the most of your questions.

The main interface is divided into several modules. The different modules are categorized in two colours for no other reason other than ease of access. You can see where a utility begins and ends using its colour. When you click on the utility names or really anywhere in their region, you will be taken to its settings. There you can completely customize the functions you want to use for each and every one of them.

In the first tab you will need to choose the action you want to take. You can copy, cut, move to trash, delete or completely erase the files or folders you want. Using the Crush option will completely eliminate the files and folders from your PC by filling them with random data, thus making them unable to be recovered. This is an extremely useful utility if you want to delete sensitive information.

In all of the other tabs you will customize the action you specified in the first one. You will need to choose the files and folders, set custom rules like specific files names, dates, extensions and sizes. Then you will also need to pick a destination folder for some of the actions like copying and cutting. This part is obviously skipped when you simply want to delete files. The Progress tab will do just that, inform you of the current progress of the action you have specified. When you are dune with the settings, clicking on the Begin button will initiate the process and you are done.


-Fast installation with a lot of options
-A lot of available actions
-Detailed settings and options for each action
-Very useful help file
-Easy to use for anyone


-Dated visual interface


Extension Copy is a very well made application that will surely help you save a lot of time by providing a ton of options in a simple interface that is very easy to use for all kinds of users.