Exterminate It!: Disinfect your computer

Exterminate It! is an application that lets uses clean their infected computers in a few easy steps, eliminating security threats on the spot in few easy steps.

Installation & Requirements

The installation completes very fast but there things to take note of after it is done. The free version lets you check for malware but it will not let you remove them. To access the full version of the application you will need to enter you email address on their site to receive a registration code that will last exactly one week. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


If you have acquired a registration code for the full version, you can enter it in the Activate tab of main interface. Simply copy and paste the code in the empty field and press enter. The application will inform you of the operation’s success and a new expiry date will appear in the bottom right corner of the application.

To initiate a scan click on the New Scan button on the top left of the main interface. There you can select the type of scan you want and then press the Start scan button located in the same place where the New Scan button was. There are four types of scanning modes, each with a different function. Memory scan is one of the quickest and simply checks the memory for potential threats. The Smart Scan is also extremely quick and will check the memory plus other locations that security threats are likely to be located. The Full Scan takes the longest as it scans your whole computer, including low risk areas. Lastly, the Custom Scan is exactly what it says as it will let you choose the folders or files that you want to scan.

When you have initiated a scan you will be taken to the scanning screen where the threats will appear in real time as the various folders in your system are being scanned. You will be able to check the type of threat, the malware’s name and the location it is in. Some files that are completely legitimate will probably be picked up by the application as harmful. If you are completely certain about them and you have installed them consciously then you can keep them. The threats will all be automatically selected however and you will have to deselect the ones you want to keep. After you are done with that you simply need to click on the Exterminate icon to clean your computer from the malware.


-Fast scanning modes
-A lot of scanning options
-Detailed malware information
-Fast cleaning process


-Email registration


Exterminate It! is a perfect malware removal utility if you are willing to shed out some money.  If you are willing to simply give out your email address you can access the full version for a week and check all of the features without paying a dime as well.