ExtremeCopy Pro: Fast copying utility

ExtremeCopy Pro is an application that will let you copy your files easily and a lot faster than the standard Windows Explorer.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process completes very fast and comes with no implications at all. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and higher.


There are two ways you can use the application. The first is to simply start the application normally from its icon. Then you can drag and drop your files or use the applications browser to search your computer for the files. The cool thing is that you can drag and drop both the source file and the destination folder. Then you can move the files or copy them simply by clicking on the respective options in the window.

There you can also access all of the configuration options that will let you customize your experience. You have a myriad of options at your disposal like playing sounds when the actions are done, making the application the default utility for actions like copying instead of the Windows Explorer and a lot more options regarding the copying process like what to do when there is an error. You can even change the speed of the process but you should be careful not to mess around with the settings too much if you are inexperienced.

You can also use the application directly from the context menu. For example, right clicking on a file and choosing the Launch with ExtremeCopy Pro option will start the application and automatically add that file in the source file field so you will only have to choose a destination folder and an action for it. There is also a brilliant Windows Explorer integration when moving files by right clicking on them. Instead of grabbing a file or folder with the left click, grab them with right click and move them to the place of your choice. You will then have a lot of options like copying or moving them there using ExtremeCopy Pro instead of the default copier.


-Fast installation
-A lot of configuration options
-Seamless integration with Windows
-Very simple to use


-None worth mentioning


ExtremeCopy Pro is truly a fantastic application for everyone. It accelerates the copying and moving process by a ton while seamlessly integrating itself with Windows, making it a must have for anyone.