F-Secure Internet Security: Protect your computer

F-Secure Internet Security is a complete security package that will protect your computer from viruses and malicious software of all kinds, both offline and online.

Installation & Requirements

You will need an active internet connection for the setup as the installer will have to download various parts from the internet. After you agree to the EULA, the installer will check your computer for conflicting software and then install the application. Afterwards, you will have a variety of different settings that you have to choose like whether you want to send anonymous data to the developers or not. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 and 8.


The application’s utilities can be accessed by clicking on the tray icon. A small toolbar will pop up in the center of the monitor and you can choose one of the tools from there which in turn will open a new window. The design is really neat and very convenient as you can simply open small windows of specific types instead of having to deal with a cluttered interface.

In the Computer Security you will be able to perform scans and access a large variety of general protection tools like the Windows Firewall, permissions for your applications and the Quarantine. Regarding the scans, the settings and the advanced scanning modes will let you customize the process a lot. Furthermore, you will be able to change some aspects of the real-time protection aspect of the application through the settings.

The Online Safety tab will protect you and the more vulnerable users of your PC if you take the time to set it up. You can set the application to block dangerous sites that would otherwise infect your computer with malware but you can also set a kind of parental control in your computer. Then, the application can block websites that you classify as dangerous or even general types of websites like drug, porn and firearms sites. As the administrator, you can also enforce specific times that users can use the internet in your computer.

The Safe Profile utility will let you control the privacy of your Facebook account through an internet utility of the application. The Safe Search tool is a customized Google search that will inform you of the safety status of each website you search so that you are always protected.

Finally, right clicking on the tray icon will bring up a lot of additional options. You can enable a gaming mode, which means that the application will use minimal resources and will not let notifications pop up while you are playing a game. You can also access the product’s webpage and some general settings that will set how the application behaves in aspects like updates.


-Sleek and clean interface
-Decent customization options
-A variety of security tools make for a complete package
-Fast scanning process
-A lot of control over the privacy and use of your PC
-Requires minimal resources




F-Secure is not only a very complete security package but also a very convenient one that ensures your protection while using minimal resources. Those facts combined with the amazing interface and the ease of use set the application as one of the top security tools.