Face Capturix: Photo recognition in your PC

Face Capturix is an application that wants to make photo searching easy but also intuitive by using artificially intelligent algorithms in order to search for photos with faces in your computer. The demo version will only show the first 10 results but is otherwise fully featured.

Installation & Requirements

The user can choose between various options, including the type of the installation, namely full, basic or custom. You can also choose to run the application in the system tray when Windows boots. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.


When the application starts, a welcome message explains that you can use it in two different ways. The conventional way is to bring up the main interface from the system tray icon and work from there. The other is to simply press F12 on your keyboard while viewing a picture of a face and the application will automatically scan your screen for each and every one of them.

Regardless of the method used to insert the photos in the application, the rest of the process remains the same. After you have selected which face you would like to search for, you need to specify a search location in your computer. Although the application scans files and folders quite fast, it is generally a good idea to limit the search so as not to waste time and resources searching in completely irrelevant places like system files, for example.

The unfortunate thing is that even though the scans are quite fast, the accuracy of the results is quite underwhelming. I experimented with quite a few different pictures but whenever there was a slight variation in the face, the application usually failed to recognize the person depicted. As an example, I tried to use Albert Einstein’s famous image with his tongue sticking out and several others where his pose is normal and the application thought the first picture was entirely different than the rest of them half of the time.

Even if the results were exceedingly accurate, there is little reason to use an application like this for local searches. Searching via image on the web is very interesting indeed but I highly doubt there are a lot of people that have pictures of their faces lying around in different parts of their computer and this is the only solution they could think of. Of course, the program works brilliantly as a gimmick and can be quite fun to try, at least for the first few times.


-Can be quite entertaining
-Fast and simple to use


-Limited to local searches
-Too pricey for what it provides
-Results are often not accurate


Face Capturix is a very interesting concept and fans of facial recognition software ought to give it a go. However, if you are looking for the best way to search your photos then this is probably not for you.

User Interface
Ease of Use