Fast Dial: Personalize new tabs

Fast Dial is a completely free extension for Firefox that will replace the blank new tab page with bookmarks that you can customize with all of your favourite websites and images.

Installation & Requirements

Simply download and install the add-on. If Firefox is open, you will need to restart it but you should automatically get a prompt for that. The only requirement for the application is obviously to have a Firefox browser. Other extensions that are related to new tabs might conflict with the application so you will have to check its page and see.


The extension can be found whenever you open a new tab. Everything about it can be edited right there so you will not need to enter the Extensions settings menu. When you first install it, every tile will obviously be blank. The add-on does not provide predefined websites as it simply lets you customize everything on your own. Having used similar extensions in the past, I would say that this is the best way to do it. Even though having predefined websites might help some users, it is tedious to remove the ones you do not like. After all, if you want to see what it looks like, you can simply check out the screenshots in its page.

Before you start adding websites in the tiles, you should definitely check out the options, accessed by right clicking in the new tab and selecting Preferences. The default settings are fine but you might want to customize them before you begin. For example, the default tiles are in 3×3 and of a very specific size but they can be changed to suit your needs. There are some other general options like opening the bookmarks in the current page or a new one but there are also some advanced appearance settings in the second tab that experienced users will appreciate. You can even set a custom background for the new tab from that page.

After you configure all of your options, you can easily add the bookmarks to the tiles. Clicking on a tile will bring up the customization window. Of course, when you have actually set the tile, that same window must be accessed by right clicking as left clicking will open the bookmark. The General tab of the window will let you insert the URL of the page, your desired Title and an optional description. The Advanced tab will let you select images either from your computer or by entering a URL. You will also find a link for where you will be able to find logos for a ton of websites. If you do not select an image, you will be able to see a snapshot of the page. You can even set up a shortcut key and see a Preview of the tile before you click on OK. Every tile can be customized in the exact same way and it should not take that much time.


-Seamless browser integration
-Amazing customization options
-Takes the dull new tab page and turns it into something personal
-The ability to see logos or snapshots is brilliant
-Background can also be edited




Fast Dial is one of the best Firefox extensions to personalize your browser. It is very easy to use and provides enough options to satisfy even the most demanding of users along with an incredible interface that is a blast to use.