FastStone Photo Resizer: Rename and resize multiple images simultaneously

Two simple functions such as image renaming and resizing, become priceless when support for batch processing is also included. FastStone Photo Resizer is a free application that offers all of the above, allowing you to modify even a huge photo collection with very little effort.

Installation & Requirements

FastStone Photo Resizer’s installation is extremely simple and no user should have any issues with the few common settings that are offered during the setup. The application is free for non-commercial use, and also available as a portable version.

According to the developer, all FastStone products run on Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Photo Resizer included.


FastStone Photo Resizer, has a functional, unpolished interface, although it suits the purpose of the program. The layout is divided into two tabs dedicated for the main functions: Batch Convert and Batch Rename.

Both of them have a file explorer, so users can easily add image collections they want to edit. All added files are displayed in the input list area, which can also be sorted by the usual criteria (name, date, type, size…etc.). A thumbnail preview is available for any image you select from the input list, along with related information, namely image size, file size and date taken.

The Batch Convert tab also has related settings for the process. To begin with, you can select the output format (jpg, bmp, gif, png, jp2, tif or pdf) and the output folder. Other options include the possibility of preserving the folder structure, rename, keep original date & time attributes, ask before overwrite and using advanced options. The last option, implies you open the Advanced Options menu and select one or more. The tabbed menu offers plenty of image editing functions, such as resize, rotate, crop, adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation…etc.), adding text, watermarks, borders, and others.

The Batch Rename tab has the same structure as the Batch Convert one. FastStone Photo Resizer offers customizable filename templates. You can use special codes to create your own templates, such as sequential numbers, original filename, folder name, year, month, day, hour, minute and second.

Users also have the possibility to search strings within the filenames and replace them with something else. Both tabs have a preview so you can see how the image will look after conversion compared to the original file and how the rename pattern you chose will affect the file name before the images are processed.

The rename option was included in the Batch convert tab, most likely because there are times when you might need to perform both renaming and conversion on the same set of files. However, in the Batch Convert tab you can only use the filename templates. If you need to replace strings within the names of the images, you’ll have to rely on the Batch Rename tab.


– Quick, adware-free installation.
– Simple interface with two tabs, one for conversion and one for renaming.
– Both conversion and renaming tabs have a file explorer.
– Conversion is available between popular image formats, with advanced options for resizing, cropping, adjustments, adding text, borders, watermarks and others.
– Multiple filename templates are offered for batch renaming.
– Users can search a string within the file names and replace it.


– None worth mentioning.


FastStone Photo Resizer doesn’t have impressive looks, but it is a very effective tool for batch image conversion and renaming. We found the application intuitive with straightforward settings, and a fast conversion process.