More features in new Google Play Services update


    Google has just announced a new update for their Google Play Services that brings out some very neat features for both consumers and developers. The update will slowly roll out for Android devices but do not expect it to come at the same time for everyone. Consumer versions will be updated automatically whereas developers will be able to find the new features in the Android SDK portal.

    What is perhaps the biggest update here is that it adds support for asynchronous, turn-based multiplayer for up to 8 players. Users can compete with their friends or other online opponents, with moves and data being stored in the cloud and then shared with every other participant. The permission pop-up is also going to be more logical with a “Connecting to Play Games” animation being played alongside it.

    As far as new features for developers go, the update adds a Google Drive API that will include multiple features such as basic read/write, syncing for multiples devices and offline auto syncing after a first time connection. In addition to that, the update improves ad targeting as the developers can make use of the new location API that includes tons of Google’s advertisements services such as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, DoubleClick for Publishers and more.