File Joiner: Merge your files

File Joiner is a simple application that will let you join together as many files as you want in one small package easily and fast.

Installation & Requirements

There is no setup required for the application. You only need to download and extract the files to your desired folder and then run the executable file. The application supports all versions of Windows from 98 and later and Windows Servers 2003 and later.


The program’s interface is really quite simple. To add files in the application you simply need to drag and drop them inside the main window. You can also click on the Add File button to use the application’s browser and search for your files. When you insert a file, you have two additional settings available. The first is whether or not you want to execute it in the output file. With the second setting you can choose to encrypt the file as well as choose the encryption level.

There is no limit to the amount or the kind of files that you can insert into the application. The output file will be an executable one. Every file you insert into the application will then be run with its own default program. Say for example that you have added a text file and an image one. When you run the output executable file they will be opened by their respective applications like Notepad and Windows Photo Viewer.

The last option you have regarding the application is to change the output file’s icon. Simply press on the Change Icon button located in the top right of the main interface window and you will be presented with a list of various icons available. You can also choose to add one of your own by clicking on the Choose Icon button and then browsing your computer for it.

When you are done with all of your options, simply press on the Join Files icon. Choose a destination folder and a name for your executable file and you are done. You can then share it with whoever you want and in whatever way you want. The output file size is the combined size of the files you have added plus an extra “stub” that is extremely low in size. Also keep in mind that while the demo version allows you to view the entire process and take the steps, the output file you create will only state it is a demo version and will not run.


-No installation required and a small file size
-Extremely easy to use
-Unlimited file options to add


-Severe demo limitations


If you make a lot of executable files and you want a simple application to create them, then File Joiner will surely be a good tool for your arsenal.