FileMind: Web-browser inspired approach to file management

FileMind is a free file manager that comes with a few simple but very useful tools that are not available in Windows Explorer. FileMind is still in beta stage so until the stable release will be available, it’s likely that more features will be added, but even in its current state it still comes with improved search options, bookmarks and file sorting.

Installation & Requirements

FileMind’s installation is fast and painless as the only things a user can do is agree with the program’s license and choose to create a desktop icon. Concerning system requirements, FileMind’s official support is currently limited to Windows 7, even though it also runs on Windows Vista. The developers are working on providing full support for Windows Vista and Windows 8 in the near future.


FileMind’s interface is a combination between Windows Explorer and a web browser. It has the standard clean look a file manager should have and all the features are at the surface. There are no hidden menus with options and other settings.

The address bar at the top of the window also comes with a search function. It’s not quite “search as you type”, especially when sifting through large drives or the entire computer, but it’s getting there. Below the address bar, all the drives are listed as icons for easier browsing.

The next bar is reserved for bookmarks, which can be added by pressing the star icon while in the selected folder or by simply dragging & dropping the folder onto the bar. Besides the address bar search function, FileMind also provides tag-based search by file date, type and extension. The two search methods can be combined for more accurate results.

FileMind is equipped only with the essential sorting options: by name, date modified and size. Hopefully more will be added soon, but also other features that are currently missing in Windows Explorer, such as tab support.

Fortunately, the developers are striving to improve FileMind and add whatever is missing. There’s even a “Post Feedback” button in the program’s interface that sends users to the community forum where suggestion can be made.


– Speedy installation.
– Clean, well-organized interface.
– No hidden options.
– Multiple search methods include the address bar search and tags such as type, date and extensions.
– Web-browser inspired bookmarks.


– Lacking features such as tab support, image thumbnails and previews, additional sorting options…etc. need to be added in order to improve this tool’s currently limited functionality and keep up with the competition.


Total Commander
– QTTabBar
– Explorer++
– xplorer2


Even now, with several must-have features lacking, FileMind offers a few extras compared to Windows Explorer. The visible options and web browser borrowed looks and features make FileMind a powerful competitor in the file management software niche.