How To: Find out if your Android device supports Marshmallow’s Doze mode

Marshmallow’s Doze mode received a warm welcome but at the time, Marshmallow was launched only a limited number of Nexus owners were able to enjoy Android’s latest update. Since then, Marshmallow began to spread onto various phone models from different manufacturers and Doze mode is finally accessible to a wider extent.

You can check out how Doze works in detail if you’re not familiar with the feature, but the bottom line is it can greatly improve battery life. It will stop various apps and tasks from running in the background and using your data while your phone has its screen turned off and lays untouched, although you will continue to receive important messages and notifications.

This is great and all, but the question is, does your phone support Doze? The feature has a pretty limiting set of requirements. Besides your phone running Android Marshmallow, or a custom Marshmallow-based ROM, it also requires the Significant Motion Detector APIs and Google Cloud Messaging.

Not all smartphones come with Google Play Services Framework installed or are equipped with the motion sensors required for Doze to work, even if they are running Marshmallow or a Marshmallow-based ROM.

The easiest way to find out if your Android device supports Marshmallow’s Doze mode is to use an app called Check Doze developed by ISDP, a member of the XDA Devs community.

Go ahead and download the APK from here, then sideload it on your Android device. Launch it and it will check if your phone meets the Doze requirements, specifically sensor support, Google Play Services support and Doze config flag.

Find out if your Android device supports Marshmallow's Doze mode

This might seem very techy but you don’t need to know how these features and services work. If each of them has the green checkmark it means your device supports Doze. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy this feature on your Android device.

Nevertheless, you can always use third-party battery saving apps as well as features created by popular manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and LG.

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