How To: Find out which apps are using up storage space on your Apple Watch

With all the apps that now offer support for the Apple Watch, you can only fit so many on the 8 GB of storage it comes equipped with. In fact, usable space is limited to less than 6 GB and you probably need some of that for music and photos as well.

Running out of space on the Apple Watch is a pretty common problem and if you have too many apps installed, it’s easy to see the ones that occupy the most space so you can prioritize when you start removing those you no longer need.

To see how your Apple Watch’s storage space is being used, start by opening the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Enable My Watch on iOS

If the “My Watch” screen is not active, tap on the “My Watch” icon found at the bottom of the screen to enable it.

My Watch - General

To continue, open the “General” section from the “My Watch” screen.

My Watch - Select Usage

On the next screen, select “Usage“.

My Watch - Usage screen 1

Here you can see the total amount of free space as well as how much of the storage is currently occupied. Furthermore, all your installed apps will be listed from largest to smallest in size.

My Watch - Usage screen 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the app list and you’ll find other related information, specifically usage time, standby time and power reserve.

Hopefully, the Usage list will help you make sense of how your Apple Watch storage is currently occupied and make an informed decision if you decide some of your apps and other content need to be removed.

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