How To: Find Your Device’s IP Address and MAC Address on iOS and Android

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Each connected device has a unique MAC address and an IP address, and once in a while you might need that information. For example, to see who is using your home WiFi using Fing app, as described in our article How to See Who Is Using Your WiFi. In this case, you will see a list of MAC addresses alongside the names of the devices, but what if you can not tell right away which device belongs to your household, and which is alien. Troubleshooting, connecting to office and school networks, or simply submitting your device info to your network administrator, the scenarios vary. There can be an entire multitude of other reasons why you would need to know your device’s IP and MAC address (media access control). The latter makes your device uniquely identifiable on a network.

iPhone and iPad

On iOS-powered devices, to find the IP address of your device, go to:

SettingsWi-Fi → tap the “ï” icon that is located to the right of the Wi-Fi. Here is where you find the IP address of your device as well as other network related information.

To find the MAC address of your iOS device, go to:


Scroll down to find the Wi-Fi Address tab – that’s your device’s MAC address. It is a series of colon-separated letters and numbers, and it’s displayed alongside a whole wealth of other information about your device, such as a serial number, model number, and capacity.

Do understand, though, that a MAC address is not unique per device, technically speaking. It’s unique per device’s network interface, be it Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth. In most cases, the Wi-Fi network is the one in question, so this is what this guide shows you. However, keep in mind that per each network, your device will have a separate MAC address. You find them in the corresponding tabs under Bluetooth, etc.

iOS lets you long-press and copy the MAC address and paste it into any text editor, or email app. So, you don’t have to write it down. Yo can also take a screenshot of it – here is how.


To find your device’s IP and MAC address, go to:

Settings → [Wireless and Networks*] → Wi-Fi → tap the three-dotted menu → this will open a menu full of options → scroll down to choose Advanced → scroll down to see your device’s MAC address and IP address. Here, you will see the private and public IP addresses of your device, too.

*On some devices, Wi-Fi is listed under Wireless and Networks. On others, it’s directly under the Settings, as is the case with Samsung devices. It depends on your device’s manufacturer, but you get the idea.

You don’t have the option to copy the MAC address in Android, but you can grab a screenshot and save it, instead of writing down the sequence manually. Here is how you take a screenshot in Android older versions and in Android Marshmallow.

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