How To: Find the newest Android apps on Google Play

App discovery in the Play Store is quite difficult, especially if we’re talking about new apps which don’t come from companies and individuals marked as Top Developers. Right now, search filters are limited in Google Play, and if you just feel like aimlessly browsing through the latest apps (or games) regardless of their category, well…..tough luck.

I recently mentioned a way to filter out games (or apps) from the Top Charts and while that works very well if you only want to see the popular titles, it does nothing for new ones which are obviously unknown and have little or no ratings and reviews. Even the ‘New Releases’ section of the Play Store won’t give you all the apps sorted from newest to oldest. It actually displays the “top” new apps so obviously, Google has a different definition of “new” than most of us.

While you can always start relying on alternative app stores, some of them are actually third-party front-ends for the Play Store, meaning you get to see all the apps available in Google Play, but in a different interface. AppBrain App Market is one of the best as it comes with various extra features that most definitely improve app discovery. Here’s how you can use AppBrain to view the latest apps in Google Play.

The first step is to download and install AppBrain, which you can do by visiting the link below from your Android device or by searching for ‘AppBrain’ directly in the Play Store app.

Download AppBrain App Market (Google Play)

You’ll be prompted to create an account, although you can skip this option. In the ‘Browse Apps’ section tap on the ‘Sort’ option and you’ll be presented with various criteria but for the purpose of this guide, select ‘Latest apps’.

The newest titles available in the Play Store will be listed on the screen, and you can further refine the results by tapping on the ‘Categories’ option and selecting a specific category – these are the same categories available in Google Play. To demonstrate the feature I chose the ‘Photography’ category. However, you can go one step further by using a filter like free, paid or updated among others.

When you find an app you’re interested in you can tap it to view more information, and the ‘Install’ button displayed in AppBrain will take you to the app’s Google Play listing from where you can download it onto your device.

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