How to find out if you’re blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the widely used messaging platforms which gained popularity as it took part in revolutionizing messaging. It allows people to send messages, make calls, and share documents as well as images through the internet in real-time with just one app. With its accessibility and reliability, WhatsApp made it easy for anyone to reach everyone.

But what if it seems that you can’t reach a contact anymore? For some reason, if you are suspecting that you have been blocked on WhatsApp, there are things that might just give you a hint about it.

Check if you’re blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp status and the timestamp

Look at that green bar where the contact’s name is displayed. If you have been blocked, it is most likely that you will not be able to see their online status or the timestamp on it in which they have last seen your message. However, there is also an option where a user can mask their timestamps and hide their online status from everyone through the privacy setting, so this might not tell you right of the bat that you have been blocked

You might also want to check if you have chosen not to show your last seen time stamp or status, in this case you will not be able to see theirs as well.

However, if you can catch them online, it is safe to say that you have not been blocked at all.

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Check their profile picture

This might be the easiest way to know when a person really did block you on WhatsApp when a user’s profile picture no longer shows on your end.  If their display photo is not appearing, they either deactivated their profile on WhatsApp, in which case, you can ask maybe your common friends if the user is still active on the platform. If they still are and you can’t see their profile photo, there is a chance that you have been blocked.

But if that certain contact has not used a profile picture or has just removed it, you still cannot conclude that you have been blocked.

Send a WhatsApp message

This might be the most obvious way to check if someone blocked you, but sending them a message can also give you an obvious answer.

If you have been blocked by someone and you sent them a message, it will not be delivered, hence will not be received. You will only see one tick or check on your message which means sent, instead of two which indicates delivery.

However, take note that there is also a setting for disabling the read notifications just as there was for showing or hiding your online status, so this method might not give you a 100% confirmation.

Try calling the person

If you are still having doubts, you can try and give them a call. If you have been blocked, your call will not go through in any way.

Look at your screen when you are calling them and see if it displays calling or ringing. The difference is that it displays ringing, your call went through and reached the person you are trying to contact. Otherwise, if it just displays calling, it means your call can’t reach that certain contact.

Add the contact to a group

Trying to add a person to a group can be a big indicator that you have been blocked. You can create a group and try adding them. WhatsApp will directly notify you if you can’t add that person and one of the probable reasons that you can’t is that you have been blocked.

There is no way to really confirm if a person blocked you on WhatsApp. This is because the app and its developers have made it sure to its users to keep their privacy safe, especially when they blocked a person.

If it really bothers you, you can always ask that friend or contact personally, or have your friends ask them if you have been blocked to get a clear, straight answer. You can even ask them why. But if there is no way to do that, you can simply use the ways mentioned above, put the puzzle pieces together and figure it out based on your intuition.