How To: Find The System Image Tool in Windows 8.1

Having a system image can be extremely useful for migration but also just to make sure there is a way to recover from an unexpected situation which would otherwise turn into a disaster. Despite its continuous improvements, even Windows can sometime cause serious system errors, especially after OS upgrades.

Those who upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 might be surprised if they try to look for the system image tool, because now it’s at a different location.

1. Open up Control Panel in category view. Click or tap on System and Security.

Control Panel - System and Security

2. Click or tap on File History. Alternatively you can open up Search (Win + S) and look up File History.

File History - System Image Backup

3. In the lower-left corner of the window there is the System Image Backup option. Click on it to open the related window.

Create a system image

4. Now you can create a system image. Should you ever need to use it, go to Settings – Change PC Settings – Update and recovery – Recovery and under Advanced Startup select the Restart Now option.

The system will boot up to the menu from which you have to select Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – System Image Recovery.