Finder Plus: Advanced search function for files, folders and registry entries

When you can’t find something using the default Windows search function, a capable application such as Finder Plus might come in handy. This program offers the possibility of searching files and folders using multiple criteria not just on your computer, but also over the network. It’s also able to search duplicate files and registry keys & values.

Installation & Requirements

The number of portable applications is significantly increasing and Finder Plus is part of that crowd. By launching the executable file you will be able to use Finder Plus right away. Being a commercial program, the trial version is fully functional and can be tested for 15 days.

Most programs strive to support as many versions of Windows as possible. The developers of Finder Plus made this application available for all Windows operating systems, which is very nice since even someone with an older computer that cannot run under a recent Windows OS could find the program useful.


Finder Plus’ UI looks a bit outdated but it’s fairly easy to navigate and has straightforward options. The program’s main categories listed at the top menu are: Find Files, Find Duplicate Files, Search Registry and Registry Bookmarks.

The Find Files section offers search filters divided into 3 menus: Name and Location, Date, Attributes and Size. Users can customize their search in so many ways, from search text in the file’s title or content to extended date filters such as before/after creation, editing and access.

The Find Duplicates function offers the same search criteria and the Search Registry provides related filters for searching registry keys, values and data. Double-clicking on any registry entry will open up its location in the Windows Registry Editor where it can be edited.

An interesting feature is the Registry Bookmarks section. Here, users can access sets of tweaks for Windows XP, Vista and 7 such as adding entries in Windows context menu, delete Run history, disable User Account Control and many more. Each tweak is in fact a textbox with instructions on how to modify registry entries for the specified purpose. There’s also an option of creating your own bookmarks for any registry item (via right mouse click) found with the Search Registry function.


– Portable tool.
– Simple, user-friendly interface.
– Allows searching for files, folders, duplicate files and registry entries.
– Search functions include multiple filters to refine the process.
– The Registry Bookmarks offer useful tweaks for Windows XP/Vista/7 and allow adding your own bookmarks.
– Comprehensive help file.


– None worth mentioning.


Finder Plus offers some powerful tools with plenty of options that can make the search process faster and more efficient. Moreover, it’s portable so it you can simply store it and use it from a USB thumb drive or another portable storage device.