How to fix ‘Could not connect to Steam network’ error

If you have ever encountered a network connection error when you know your internet connection is fine, you will know how frustrating it is to deal with it. Especially if you are trying to play a game and the following error is stopping you:


Here are some steps that you can immediately take if the problem is coming from your end.

1. Delete local files

Deleting local files is Valve’s flagship solution for almost anything Steam related. Doing this will restart Steam, re-download it and hopefully solve an issues in the process. First you will need to exit Steam if you are running it. Navigate to Steam’s installation folder (“C:\Program Files\Steam” by default) and delete everything in there except for Steam.exe and the Steamapps folder. Restart your computer and then run Steam.exe from the installation folder. After you do all this, keep in mind that you will have to login again. Furthermore, Steam might think you are logging from another computer so you might have to activate the code they will send to your e-mail.

2. Newly installed software

If you have recently installed a program and then Steam suddenly stopped working, they might be conflicting with each other. The list of programs that can potentially conflict with Steam is quite long and includes some applications that you wouldn’t think as a problem. Obvious culprits are some antivirus programs but there are also a lot of other applications that can interfere with system. Try to disable any newly installed software or simply restart Steam to see if this will correct the error. The list can be found here: ,

3. Final steps

If none of the above works for you, it is time to go to the Steam forums. If the above do nothing to fix the error, it is probably something related to Valve’s servers or Steam itself. You should first check the forums and if there is nothing there then you can also contact the Support. Valve’s support is usually very friendly and should help you overcome any issue with more detailed information about your client.