How To: Fix Handoff between the Apple Watch and iPhone if it’s not working

Handoff is the iOS feature that lets you easily resume your work as you’re switching between your Apple devices. Whichever web page you were viewing on your iPad, you can continue reading its contents on your iPhone, the email you started to write on the Apple Watch, you can finish it on your iPhone…..these are just a few examples.

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Despite its undeniable usefulness and the fact it’s easy to setup on the Apple Watch, for some users Handoff doesn’t work between their iPhone and Apple Watch. If such is your case, worry not. Here are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

Fix #1

Verify if Bluetooth is enabled on both your iPhone and Apple Watch (sometimes it’s simple details that can escape our attention).

Fix #2

Check if your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch (if they’re not, launching the Apple Watch on your phone will prompt you to do so and the app will guide you through the process).

Fix #3

Ensure Handoff has been enabled on the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

iPhone Handoff

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and navigate to General -> Handoff & Suggested Apps then toggle on Handoff if it wasn’t already.

My Watch - Handoff

Then launch the Watch app and go to My Watch -> General and enable Handoff there as well.

Fix #4

If none of the tricks above managed to solve your problem, check to see if the app you’re trying to use actually supports Handoff. Alternatively, test the Handoff functionality with an app you know should support it, such as the Mail app.

Fix #5

For some people signing out from iCloud on their iPhone then logging back in fixed the issue. We can’t give you an explanation for why this seems to work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Fix #6

Please don’t be annoyed I mention this – I do realize it’s a universal solution (which doesn’t work that often) for all devices that come with an on/off switch, but do try to restart both your iPhone and Apple Watch if you haven’t already.

Fix #7

If Handoff was already enabled on both devices (as mentioned in Fix #3), you can also try to disable Handoff on your Apple Watch and iPhone, leave it like that for a few seconds and then toggle it back on.

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How did you manage to get Handoff working between your iPhone and Apple Watch? Have any of the above mentioned tips helped you? Share your feedback in the comments section or leave us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.