[Guide] Fix iPhone vibration not working

Like all modern smartphones, the iPhone vibrates when you receive calls and notifications. It can be useful even if the phone is not in silent mode, so if you’re having problems with it there are a few things you can try to fix iPhone vibration not working.

There can be various causes as to why your iPhone stops vibrating such as hardware issues, incorrect settings, and software bugs.

How to fix iPhone vibration not working

Before you rush to the Apple Store to repair your device, you might want to try some of the methods below designed to fix iPhone vibration not working, but also analyzing the problem to find out if it’s hardware or software-related.

Check “Vibrate on Ring” and “Vibrate on Silent” options

These two options are available in the Sounds menu of the Settings app.Fix iPhone vibration not working

You will find the two options under the Vibrate section of the Sounds menu. Make sure they are enabled before anything else.

Reset the settings

If your device doesn’t vibrate after enabling the two options mentioned above, it’s worth resetting its settings. Keep in mind doing this will not affect your iPhone’s content and it will simply restore the device’s setting to their factory defaults.

You can reset your iPhone’s settings by navigating to Settings -> General. There, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Reset, then select ‘Reset All Settings’. Confirm your choice. Once the reset procedure is complete, check to see if your iPhone vibrates.

Restore your device

This solution is a last resort but definitely worth a try. First, you will need to backup your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes. Once you’ve done that, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

On the Summary page, click on the Restore button and follow the instructions. Then, you should test your device to see if it vibrates.

If all else fails

….there are a few more things you could try. First of all, go to Settings -> Sounds and select Ringtone or another type of alert. Then tap on Vibration, and once more on Create New Vibration.

Tap the screen to create your custom vibration pattern. When you hold the finger on the screen it will count as a vibration and when you lift it, the pattern will register it as a pause. Tap Stop when you’re done then Save. Finally, tap on Play to see if it works.

Creating a custom vibration pattern can sometimes fix your iPhone’s vibration problems and you have nothing to lose if you give this method a try.

If you still didn’t manage to fix iPhone vibration not working you can try tapping the phone with your fingers – it sounds crazy, but this can sometimes fix the issue. Another thing you can try is changing the ringtone.

Finally, if none of these solutions work you should check if your iPhone’s vibrator motor is working or the cause is a software problem. To do this, go to Settings -> Sounds and disable Vibrate on Silent, then turn it back on. If your device vibrates, it means the vibration motor works properly and you’re dealing with a software problem.

Otherwise, you will likely have to take your iPhone to the Apple Store so it can be diagnosed and repaired.

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