How To: Fix Location Services always on in iOS 9

It seems like each iteration of iOS comes with old and new battery drainers and for iOS 9, Location Services is definitely on the list. Nevertheless, this feature is still useful and you might not want to turn it off completely.

iOS does offer several methods to customize Location Services: you can a) turn off the feature, disable only specific apps or select which system services should track your location. We’ll guide you through all of them below.

1. Completely disable Location Services

This rather blunt method is the most battery friendly of them all, but keep in mind some of your apps may not work as intended if you don’t allow them to track your location (e.g. Weather).

iOS 9 Privacy - Location services

To turn off Location services open the Settings app and go to Privacy -> Location Services and toggle off “Location Services“.

2. Disable specific system services from using Location Services

This method enables you to allow only certain system services from tracking your location. To customize which system services are using Location Services navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and tap on System Services.

iOS 9 Location Services - System Services

This will open a list of all system services that use Location Service. You can toggle off the ones you’re not using.

iOS 9 System Services

Diagnostics & Usage” is known to use up a lot of battery, so it’s best you disable Location Services for this one. However, do check the rest of the services to see if there are others you don’t need and toggle them off as well.

3. Disable apps from using Location Services

Like I said at the beginning of this post, some apps can prove to be disappointing if you don’t allow them to use Location Services. At the opposite pole, there are apps for which location tracking is not an essential requirement and iOS 9 let you customize this area as well.

Just like for the above methods, navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.

All the apps that are using Location Services are listed on this screen. Tap on one for which you want to change the settings and you can enable “Never” which will not allow it to use Location Services at all or “While Using the App” – this setting will ensure Location Services are being used by that specific app only while you are actively using it.

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