Fix mail threading in iOS 10

Have you noticed ever since you upgraded to iOS 10 you need to scroll a lot to read the newest email messages and send new replies? It is possible to fix mail threading in iOS 10, although the new layout was supposed to improve things.

iOS 10 now lets you access all email exchanges on the same screen, and the threads are displayed chronologically, with the newest message you receive being placed at the bottom of the conversation.

Which is really annoying. Because the first thing we need to see in a conversation is the newest message, not the oldest one. Why scroll all the way down just to read the latest reply?

As it turns out, we just need to customize one setting to fix mail threading in iOS 10 and get the most recent messages displayed at the top.

How to fix mail threading in iOS 10

Open the Settings app and navigate to Mail.

fix mail threading in iOS 10

Under the ‘Threading’ section enable the option called ‘Most Recent Message on Top’. That’s it! No more endless scrolling to see the newest message.

Another interesting option is ‘Complete Threads’. This will show a thread’s conversation listed chronologically, even if some of them are in different mailboxes.

As you can see it’s easy to fix mail threading in iOS 10, but what if you don’t like this feature? Well, you can simply disable the ‘Organize by thread’ option, also located in the ‘Threading’ section.

The new iOS 10 Mail app comes with plenty of improvements, but even if you don’t like some of the new features, many of them can be disabled or customized. The new threading system makes no exception.

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