FixWin: Solve PC problems easily

FixWin is a tiny application designed to help you fix your computer’s problems with a few simple clicks instead of having to do everything manually. The program is provided completely free of charge.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation for FixWin. You only need to download the archive, extract it in a desired location of your computer and run the executable file found within. The supported operating systems are Windows Vista and 7 but the program can also be run in other versions of Windows with varying success.


As the program was designed with a more inexperienced audience in mind, everything about it is straightforward, including the layout of the interface. I say this is a compliment because the interface is very well designed, easy to navigate and always to the point. There is no needless space, no unnecessary visual flair and no room to confuse anyone that chooses to use the application at all.

The program’s available fixes are divided into several different categories like Windows Explorer and System Tools and each of them are pretty self-explanatory. The Welcome screen even gives you access to a couple of very important points to start like system file checker and the creation of System Restore points, an absolutely necessary process when dealing with system files and system tools. It is nice to see an application that actually thinks of how their users will react to it and what might happen to their systems via the provided utilities.

The way the fixes work is also pretty great and cover quite the broad range of problems. It has to be noted that the application provides around 50 fixes that revolve around all aspects of a PC. Although the application deals mostly with very common problems (as it should), it also has one-click solutions for some more obscure problems, issues that you would probably have a hard time finding a solution for via an online search.

Although allowing a program to fix your PC problems might seem a little risky, FixWin will probably not cause any problems at all, at least not something that cannot be fixed via a simple System Restore. As the developers suggest, applying one fix at a time and then restarting the system is also a surefire way to limit any conflicting issues. Even though that might seem cumbersome, I doubt any user will need to apply more than a couple of these fixes at any one point and the process is certainly faster than having to find a solution and then apply it manually even for someone like me who has spent a fair amount of time doing these things.


-Great interface
-One-click solutions to otherwise complex and difficult problems
-A wide range of subjects and fixes
-The ability to create in-app System Restore points
-Welcoming to all kinds of users


-Might cause system instability for some


FixWin is a brilliant troubleshooting solution that should not be missed by anyone, regardless of their experience with PC issues. Even if you know how to solve the problems outlined in the application, it is certainly nice to free up time with it.