Flash Renamer: Rename multiple files

Flash Renamer is an extremely useful application that will let you simultaneously rename multiple files in a row using your own or preset functions and thus saving you a huge amount of time.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple, offering few choices like creating a desktop shortcut and displaying the Help file at the end of the installation. The application supports all versions of Windows from 95 and higher. In Windows 95 and NT4 you will have to install Internet Explorer 4 and above to acquire some necessary files. Flash Renamer is also offered in a portable version.


When you first start the application you will be greeted by the Quick Start window, giving you a rundown of the basic features of the program on renaming files. More detailed information, including tips and tricks, can be accessed from the Help file. Simply press F1 or click on the Help button at the bottom left corner of the main window.

Using the file renaming utility of Flash Renamer is extremely easy. You have two options to select your files. You can use the application’s Browser or choose the Free Select mode which will let you drag and drop files inside the application. When you have selected the files you want to rename, go to the left side panel where you will see the various settings for renaming. You can make your own rules and functions or use the presets of the program for easier and quicker access.

The presets are especially useful if you want to rename audio files or categorize your files in a numerical sequence. There are various settings for the audio files like automatically reversing the Artist and Titles of the tracks, using the application’s tagger or even remove tags from your MP3 files if you want to change or erase them completely.

All of the other options are located in the same place as well. As a rule of thumb, the General tab lets you have the most customization options as it has no restrictions the file types or the titles you can rename your files to. Going into the settings window will give you even more detailed options and settings for each file type and each type of renaming function. Lastly, the advanced tab will probably be of interest to more experienced users as you can automatically assign attributes to files while renaming them, like making them hidden so that they cannot be accessed by everyone in your computer.


-Fast installation
-Extremely easy to use for everyone
-Clean interface with neatly presented modules
-A ton of options and settings for each renaming utility
-Very helpful tutorial


-None worth mentioning


Even the trial version of Flash Renamer offers so much content and so many features that I would be hard pressed not to recommend it for the sheer utility it offers to everyone.