FlashGot: A Firefox download manager

FlashGot is an add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird that will let you integrate your favorite download managers with those browsers easily while also being a perfect fit for your browsing and downloading needs.

Installation & Requirements

To install FlashGot, simply allow the add-on to be installed into your Browser. A page will inform you of the success and you are ready to go. You will need a compatible browser, which are Firefox and Thunderbird. You will also need to download a separate internet download manager. The huge compatible list can be found in the add-on’s webpage.


As it is a browser add-on, FlashGot does not have an actual interface window. You have two options to download things. Either have a third party compatible download manager installed on your computer or use the in-built plugin. However, the latter choice is not very reliable unless you are experienced user as the application will attempt to grab links instead of actual files. It is highly recommended to get an internet download manager, many of which are free, so that you can use the application to its full capacity.

Moving on from that, integrating the add-on with your browser and your download manager is done automatically. To download files using FlashGot, simply right click on the link of the file and choose the FlashGot Link option. The plugin will then automatically direct the download to the manager and you can do the rest of the process there.

Right clicking on any link or multimedia file in your browser will bring up FlashGot’s context menu. Apart from the link option, you have the FlashGot All, FlashGot Options and Create Gallery ones. The first option will give you a list of all the files located in the webpage you are currently viewing, including links, source code and images. The most interesting utility is the gallery creation. Although this module is reserved for more advanced users, you can use it to gather all the media files from a website, including deeper into the page you are currently viewing. It can even dig deeper and gather all of the files with the same name from all over the website if you can set it so.


-A very fast installation
-Seamless integration with the browser and the download managers
-A huge list of supported internet download managers
-Very helpful FAQ and tutorials


-None worth mentioning


If you are looking for an add-on that will connect your download managers with your Firefox easily and fast, then you should look no further than FlashGot as it has everything you need.