Fliktu: A smart sharing menu app for Android


Android’s sharing capabilities are pretty great and the operating system usually behaves well when it comes to app-to-app interactions. Sharing stuff between different apps is usually easy but there are plenty of times where the default sharing menu becomes tiresome, especially if you have a lot of apps that can be used to share something and you have to go through a long list every time.

Fliktu, an app by the lead developer of the Android version of pocket, aims to change that by giving you a smart sharing menu instead. According to the developer, Fliktu understands the context of each situation as well as your habits and shoots the most useful apps at the top for easy access. Users can alow pin apps to the top of the menu so that they can always use those specific apps to share things. The feature should work for most apps but there are some like Chrome that use a custom sharing menu so Fliktu does not work.

Apart from the smart sharing menu, Fliktu also features unique link and clipboard sharing utilities. Whenever you tap on a link or copy something, you can shake your phone and Fliktu will allow you to open the link or copy your clipboard to another app (other than your default one). An interesting concept and one that can be yours today for $0.99 on Google Play.